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8-12-12: Frs. J. Pfeiffer, Hewko, Ringrose, and Chazal band together

In his August 12, 2012 sermon Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer stated that he and four other priests had a meeting in Vienna Virginia:  Frs. Hewko, Chazal, Ringrose, and Voigt.  They not only issued the declaration below (source here) but the big news is:  These 5 priests are offiicially banding together at the Boston, Kentucky "Our Lady of Mount Carmel" chapel and forming a sort of priory.   Fr. Pfeiffer explains that they will do the very best they can to provide the sacraments to those who ask; in fact, people all over the world are calling for them and so they will be gone much of the time.


In the above sermon, Father also added:

  • They were expecting more priests to join them in the meeting, but only 5 were present.  He explains: "Many priests are supporting us from the outside, are happy with what we are doing, but are not ready to join us yet, because of the gray area in which we find ourselves."
  • "All SSPX priests have been commanded by Menzingen to be silent and to not preach against an agreement or compromise.  We are required to be silent in all those things which may be perceived against the direction of the present Superior General."

DECLARATION OF THE August 10th, 2012 Priests Meeting in Vienna, Virginia:


Vienna, Virginia, 10th August 2012 Priest Meeting.


1. The Society of St. Pius X declaration of July 14th, 2012, while proclaiming the notion of the Divinity of Christ and His Kingship, actually moves in the opposite direction by using ambiguous language and by preparing to place the SSPX under the authorities of “the Rome of neo-Modernist and neo-Protestant tendencies.”(1974 Declaration)
2. There has been a longtime slide in the SSPX towards Vatican II and a growing silence about Novus Ordo scandals against the Faith.
3. There is an illusion that one can join the Vatican II Church without accepting Vatican II.
4. There is a need to assure souls that the combat for Catholic Tradition, maintained by Archbishop Lefebvre against Modernist Rome, will continue.
5. A new attitude favoring compromise has infected the leadership of the SSPX.
6. This new attitude now prevails in publications, websites, seminaries and pulpits.
7. The priests who resist this new attitude are being punished or threatened with punishment and in all cases are being silenced. The present crisis demands a public response of priests and faithful against this compromise with Modernist Rome.
8. Many priests are personally disillusioned with Menzingen for doctrinal reasons but are unsure, cowed or do not know what to do.
9. Many independent priests trust the SSPX less and less. They hope to pass on their parishes to doctrinally reliable priests.
10. There is a replacement of the original Fatima solution, which is the consecration of Russia by the pope united with the bishops, by a belief that the SSPX can negotiate Modernist Rome back to the Catholic Faith.
11. The imprudent and reckless willingness to agree to a “suitable condition” of abandoning the flock to the “wolves” of the diocesan bishops.


The heart of the Faith is the Divinity of Christ and his Kingship over all nations: “Oportet illum regnare”. The errors of Vatican II are an indirect attack against his Divinity and a direct attack on his Social Kingship. They will forever remain the Revolution of 1789 within the Church.

Today's Vatican has only changed for the worse since the Council (more damage, more new heresies, more effective semi-modernism), to such an extent that we can repeat the Archbishop's words of 1974 and 1976: “The Church that affirms such errors is at once schismatic and heretical. This Conciliar Church is therefore not Catholic. To whatever extent Pope, bishops, priests or faithful adhere to this new Church, they separate themselves from the Catholic Church.” (June 29, 1976)
The Pope has allowed the True Mass, but only within the Pantheon of modernist liturgies. Further, he has made clear his espousing of the false doctrine of Religious Liberty by preaching it to be the model of how the Church and State are to relate one to another. Lastly the doctrine of Ecumenism has been widely and consistently professed by the Pontiff in his visits to protestant temples, synagogues and mosques and Assisi III confirms that the spirit of Assisi is alive and well. It was this spirit that moved the Archbishop to undertake an “Operation Survival”, that is now itself in great peril.

Today's SSPX clearly wants to place itself under this Conciliar Church, mitigates the poison of Vatican II, is more and more silent in face of the abuses by the conciliar hierarchy, uses ambiguous language referring to two opposite Magisteria. At the same time that it is ever ready to believe in a constant debate with obdurate Roman officials, it uses strong arm tactics toward those standing against wicked reconciliation.
We must wait for Our Lady to convert the Pope and inspire him to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart in union with all the bishops and we must persevere in the Charity of the Truth and the Truth of Charity, organized in a united corps of priests faithful to the position always maintained by Archbishop Lefebvre.

Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer, Fr..Ronald J. Ringrose, Fr. Richard Voigt, Fr. David Hewko, Fr. François Chazal

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