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The purpose of TrueTrad.com is to give you clear proof that (1) There are truly deep problems in the SSPX, and that (2) Those who are resisting those problems are indeed doing the right thing.  The problems in the SSPX are so serious that they endanger us all, even if an agreement with modernist Rome were never made.  The two most serious ones are the (a) liberalism of Bishop Fellay and his management team, and (b) the weakening of the SSPX in general.  One of the clearest symptoms of these problems is the constant stream of poison coming from the SSPX.  We urge you to start with the "Critical articles" below, or just browse the helpful drop-down menus above.  God bless you!

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Dear reader, we think you will find it hard to ignore the carefully-documented evidence below.

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